Migration from Jenkins to CIrcleCI

Hello In my work environment , We are using Jenkins we would like to migrate to Circle CI , can anyone let us know how we can achieve it and any steps appreciated

This can be very simple or complex depending on your project. Could you give an example of a project that you want to move over?

i.e. what it does, what language its in, what tests you are running, where you are deploying to?

we are using Python and no tests are running on it , In jenkins we presently running some shell commands to perform the cloud formation stack ,
use case : when a developer make some changes then circle should pick the latest changes and update it on the cloud formation stack , in CFS we have airflow stuff running

Hello, while you’ve hopefully been able to migrate to CircleCI using our documentation at the time, I’d like to follow up on this to share that we’ve recently completed the preview release of a Jenkinsfile converter that may help any users who find themselves in the situation that you were in.

Please check out the announcement for instructions, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback!