Is there a repo hook history available in CircleCI?

BitBucket went through a blip in my region (UK) in the last 10 minutes - the website would not work, and I think hooks were not firing. During this period, I pushed three repos to master, and the usual notifications in Slack did not come up, and the three expected CircleCI builds were not kicked off.

What could be done to mitigate these missing hook events? I wonder if there could be a hook history, so in situations like this, we know whether the CI or the repository is at fault.

I don’t know if it is feasible to scan for missing hooks, though I appreciate any CI provider would have a lot of repos to do this on.

Ooh, I spoke too soon - some ~15 minutes later, two of the three hooks are now firing :grinning:

Update: ah, and the on-page JS misses the third. A page refresh shows that all hooks have fired, just a bit belatedly.

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