Is there a process for prereleasing a new major version of an orb?

I contribute to authoring an orb that already has stable releases. My organization is preparing a new major version release of our existing orb with new features, but the API is not yet stable. Is there a current process in place for prereleasing an orb so that interested users can get early access to the new features and provide early feedback? We don’t want to do an official release until we sort out the API and some known issues.

Hello @davidbuzinski,
There is not an official “pre-release” but, there are development versions. You can manually publish a version of your orb to version dev:2.0.0-prerelease, however this version of the orb will automatically delete itself in 30 days if not re-published. dev tagged orbs are not immutable, so you could even have a branch that consistently pushes a dev version of the orb (you may need to schedule a pipeline to publish the orb every X days if you are not actively working on that dev branch), such as dev:feat-v2

Thanks for the reply! I think scheduling a pipeline to publish to dev:2.0.0-prerelease will work for us.

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