Introducing the ability to test run config.yml changes from VS Code (Open Preview)

On December 7th 2023, we announced the Closed Preview of Config Test Run for VS Code, which made the feature available to all our customers on a Free plan.

Today we are launching this feature in Open Preview, so all our customers have access to it.

Config Test Run lets you trigger pipelines from VS Code based on your local, unversioned config.yml file, rather than the one versioned on your branch.This lets you iterate on your CircleCI config without committing your trial and error changes to your version control system. Test out your config changes, and only commit them when you are happy with them.

You can choose to run your full pipeline, or select only the individual jobs and workflows you want to validate, by using checkboxes.

View the results of your test runs in the extension pipelines panel or in the CircleCI web app, just the same as any other pipeline.

Config Test Run

With the Open Preview launch, we also introduced some changes to the feature opt-in settings.

  • An org-level setting, defaulting to Off. This is accessible only by org admins and overrides project settings.
    Setting location: Organization Settings > Advanced > “Trigger pipelines with unversioned config”

  • A project-level setting, defaulting to On.
    Settings location: Project Settings > VS Code integration > “Trigger pipelines with unversioned config”

In short, access to this feature is controlled by an opt-in setting which only organization admins can control. Once an organization has opted-in, you can opt-out for each individual project.

To start testing out this feature:

  • Update the CircleCI VS Code extension to version 2.5.0 or higher.

  • Ask your admins to enable this feature for your organization

  • Head to the Run Panel of the CircleCI VS Code extension

For more details, refer to the official documentation.

In particular, make sure you check out the security implications of using this feature.


Does this work with config splitting orb?

circle-makotom-orbs config-splitting

Unfortunately it does not, as of yet.
Similarly, it currently does not work for configs that use continuation configs.

Thanks for the fast response. Do you suggest any workarounds? Perhaps by modifying the Generated+Compiled config locally?