Run Pre Checks on any pipeline created

Is it possible to configure CircleCI to do a pre-flight checks and then execute whatever is there in the circleCI config file. I do not want to give the user the option to update this required step/job. Essentially the job would run prechecks to see if required files are there on the repo before triggering the workflow. Putting this as a “pre-step” or “required step” on the config allows the users to get rid of it. This is similar to Required Flows in Github.
Essentially run this check on any pipeline is run.

Hi @Sabysachi2k,

There is no direct equivalent, but the closest feature CircleCI has is Config Policy Management which is available only for Scale plan users:

This would allow you to set conditions for your config.yml that must be met before anything is triggered on CircleCI. If a user tried to modify the config.yml file in a way that was not allowed by the policy, it would be blocked.

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