Config policies is now available!

Config policies is now generally available for all Scale plan customers, helping you manage and enforce organization-wide conventions and adherence to software delivery policy.

If you haven’t already checked it out, policy enforcement gives you an additional layer of control from which to administer CircleCI. You can quickly apply common rules like orb allowances, or write deeply customized rules enforcing access to credentials, resources, and functions – maintaining your flexibility to find the right fit for your compliance needs.

Policies give you the ability to enforce config standards across a multitude of use cases such as:

  • Force security related jobs to run in pipelines
  • Control how contexts are or are not being used
  • Control use of docker containers and executors
  • Allow and disallow specific orbs or versions

To learn more about how config policies can help you enforce standards and allow you to scale, visit our blog or jump into these video guides to get started!