Introducing Docker Hugo - a CircleCI 2.0 Ready Docker Image

I’ve created and maintain several websites that are statically-generated with Hugo (including the one you’re reading right now). I build and test these sites with CircleCI. With CircleCI 2.0, the build process is heavily Docker based. I made a Docker image for use with CircleCI that has Hugo to build the site and HTMLProofer to test it.

Here’s my blog post if you’d like to read more:

I visit CircleCI Discuss every day so feel free to comment on my blog or here, I’ll see either.

One note from me, I’ve seen several Docker images for Hugo now. One things I can say for mine which I haven’t always seen for the others is that this will be maintained. I don’t really have a choice as I use it for several sites. :stuck_out_tongue:

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