Build, Test, and Deploy Statically Generated Websites With Hugo



Our blog post on building a Hugo site and testing it with CircleCI.


Thank you for create this Docker, I met some problem when deploying, please advise.

I would like to deploy to my another github repo <> with the following command

cd ~/project/public git add -A git commit -m "Deploy from CircleCI" git push

But it shows the error message says that “nothing to commit, working directory clean”.
It’s seems hugo command doesn’t generate the files in public directory.

I also check the Testing part in your code, it returns
htmlproofer ~/project/public --allow-hash-href --check-html --empty-alt-ignore
Running [“HtmlCheck”, “ImageCheck”, “ScriptCheck”, “LinkCheck”] on ["/root/project/public"] on *.html…

Checking 0 external links…
Ran on 0 files!

HTML-Proofer finished successfully.
Not sure why “Ran 0 files”.

Please help to solve my problem, thank you very much.