Error when setting up Hugo project on GitHub to

I have set up a new account and have a Hugo project I wish to integrate with
I have linked a Hugo repo from my GitHub account and added the required folder structure and config file ( > config.yml ).
Here is a link to my repo on Github

Below is what I have in the config.yml file.

version: 2
      # specify the version
      - image: cibuilds/hugo:0.28
    working_directory: ~/hugo
      HUGO_BUILD_DIR: ~/hugo/public
      - run: apk update && apk add git
      - checkout
      - run: git submodule sync && git submodule update --init

      # specify any bash command here prefixed with `run: `
      - run: 
          name: "Run Hugo"
          command: HUGO_ENV=production hugo -v -s public/

However when building the job in I get the following error. Could anyone help me resolve this please?

Build-agent version 0.0.7142-c39a0c7 (2018-07-02T14:31:47+0000)
Starting container cibuilds/hugo:0.28
  image cache not found on this host, downloading cibuilds/hugo:0.28

Error response from daemon: manifest for cibuilds/hugo:0.28 not found

Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Ben Waller

Some of these search results indicate a possible problem with Docker Hub. What happens if you try the latest of that image temporarily?

hi @halfer,
thanks for replying.
What i have noticed since linking the repo with is that after pushing an update to github doesn’t reflect that update. So for instance, I change the image to latest in the config yml file pushed to github then rebuild it but I don’t see this reflect this change!

See image below.

What i have seen done differently is putting the whole project (file structure) within a src folder like this:

- run:
          name: "Build Website With  Hugo"
          command: HUGO_ENV=production hugo -v -s src/

See example here for docker example.
and here for a working example of a config.yml

I don’t know if that would make a difference?


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