New customer tool for building Docker images on CircleCI

We’ve released a new tool to easily customize and build Docker images on CircleCI!

Dockerfile Wizard is aimed at software developers who may not be super comfortable using Docker—you need a Docker Hub account, but don’t need Docker installed locally at all.

With it, you can build Docker images with particular versions of various common languages/dependencies/frameworks, all on CircleCI.

Here’s our blog post with more information:

If you give it a try, please let us know what you think! And feel free to report any issues you run into.


I like configuring my own from scratch, but I can certainly see the usefulness of a Dockerfile configurator.

I was pondering some months ago a simple web app that helps users write a Dockerfile, and irons out the awkward fiddle-factor by doing stuff that is already tested (e.g. if you’re installing Composer, then you’ll need php-openssl and git etc. It would just be a series of checkboxes, and would show the Dockerfile being dynamically written. That can then be pasted into a project and (in theory) Just Work.

Totally! That’s pretty much what our motivation was in putting this together.

Ah yes, I knew I’d seen something similar to my idea before - point-n-click PHP Vagrant configuration. Oddly, Vagrant seems rather old-hat these days… :smile:

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