Insights test panel doesn't show any information


in my project (php-project with phpunit) I would have a statistic about test results. In the config.yaml I started a step with running tests and save the result into a file with junit-format. After this, the file will handled by store_test_results. In topic of the build the number of tests are printed out, but after clicking on the tab and go to “Test Insights” there are no results. I only can take a look on the documentation how it should work.

After trying the given example I get the same issue.

So, what is my mistake? Do I forget something? Has anybody an hint for me?


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Same problem here. I’ve tried dozens of combinations of different file paths, directories, formats for the test report - and it never seems to work.

Bear in mind though, my issue concerns XCTest iOS unit tests built with fastlane.

Same problem.
Tests tab on build page shows that I have 31 passing tests, when navigating to test insights it just shows how to set it up.

Hi @gsanta, thanks for flagging. We are aware that you and other users are experiencing issues with Test Insights at the moment. The team is working to resolve this as quickly as possible. I’ll follow up here once the fixes are put in!


Same here using jest.

Same here. Has this been resolved at all ? @Dawit is there an update please ?

JUnit/surefire. “Tests” tab shows number of uploaded tests but insights are empty.

Hey @ao-circle-ci-admin, this was resolved back in late 2022. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on Test Insights?

Oh, thanks for replying @sebastian-lerner

Sure, here’s what I see in the unit test job output and then when I click on “Test Insights”:

@ao-circle-ci-admin thanks, can you send that job URL in your first screenshot to sebastian @ so I can have my team take a closer look please?

Hello everyone,

I am also experiencing the same issue, I was wondering if there is any development.

Also happy to send screenshot examples

@mattcristal which VCS are you using? GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab?

@sebastian-lerner GitHub

Odd, can you send a screenshot to sebastian And also a link to a job where you are uploading test results please?

Hi Sebastian,

I have checked again now and it works as expected. Thanks for the support!

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Hello! I am having the same problem described above. The Tests tab shows the number of successful tests, but the Insights is not showing any tests.

@orlenko Test Insights sometimes can take up to ~24 hours to populate. Has it been more than 24 hours?

Ah, thank you, that makes sense! It has not bee 24 hours. I’ll wait.

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