Incident response

Hi Circle,

Thanks for an awesome product. I’ve been a happy customer for almost 5 years. However, managing the account has been the responsibility of a centralized team at every org I’ve worked in. My new team is only 2 people, which was setup by my other team member (CTO), and regarding the recent security incident I’m finding myself with an open question.

In particular, I only found out about the incident by browsing Hackernews the morning of the incident. I checked my email and asked my CTO if he received an email from Circle, but he did not. This leads to my question: how does CircleCI contact its customers during a security incident? Do you send an email? I appear to have access to the organization settings in my account, but I’m not seeing anything related to incident response.

Ideally we would received an email from a dedicated address like “” so we may filter and even alert on it using our own tools.

Can you please provide some clarity? Am I missing something obvious in the settings?

Joe Nap


My apologies for only now seeing this @joenap. We identified an issue with some accounts which kept them from getting the initial emails, but you would have received the Incident Report. This has been resolved, and you will not need to do anything else.

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