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I’m using CircleCI for some time and happy with it. But now I want to add some integrational tests.

The problem with them that they couldn’t succedd on CI servers since it requires specific software installed (which consumes a lot of resources, e.g. 6GB+ RAM for instance).

So I want to have these tests to check app logic but I want them to be excluded from regular tests discovery.

How do I do that? I’ve googled for docs but only found [ci skip] suggestions and so on that obviously don’t help in the case.

Sorry, I forgot I alreadt explicitely list projects to be tested

Hi there. Integration tests should be separated from unit tests normally, so you should have two separate commands. In this case, you would only tell CircleCI to runt the unit tests command.

If you are mixing them, I’m not sure if there is a way to only have us run certain ones.

Yeah, they ARE separated but I forgot that I wrote a test command myself. So I thought they get somehow discovered and ran automagically.

Sorry for disturbing. Consider this closed.

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Not a problem. I’m happy to be a :rubberduck: :slight_smile:

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