How to specify in circle.yml which tests should run for specific project

I have 2 repositories(Project_1 and Project_2) and here is their circle.yml
As you can see a new build with auto tests triggers by API call and it’s good.

Also I have a separate repository with tests and here is it’s circle.yml

Here is how it is working now: tests are triggered by API call when builds for Project_1 and Project_2 are success(and it should work this way), BUT all tests are executed by “npm run teststudent” and “npm run testrooster”. It’s redundant behavior.

I want to specify in circle.yml file somehow to achieve this behavior: 1.when build is success for Project_1 then ONLY “npm run teststudent” should run; 2. when build is success for Project_2 then ONLY “npm run testrooster” should run.