Configuring a Node project with sub modules in CircleCI

We have a project in Git containing several modules with the following structures:

|- module1
  |- package.json
|- module2
  |- package.json

Each package.json file has a test entry to execute tests of the module. So we can execute tests for a particular module like this (in the corresponding sub folder) after having executed “npm install” in the sub folder:

$ npm run test

Is it possible to configure such a project in CircleCI?

Thanks very much for your help!

From my Stackoverflow answer:

Yes you can, in a very similar fashion to how you would do it locally. In your circle.yml file test section, you would have a line for each module. Something like:

    - cd module1; npm run test
    - cd module2; npm run test

More information on how to use circle.yml can be found here.