HTTPS vs. SSH submodules


Our submodules are currently configured to an HTTPS Github URL and not SSH. Is it mandatory to have SSH submodules so that it will be possible to fetch them? If not, what is the recommended configuration and why?


I believe all github projects have both. If you click on the ssh link under the https url on the right side of your main project screen, what does it show?


Github supports both protocols, but right now our submodules are configured to HTTPS (as per Github’s recommendation) and not SSH. I know that it’s possible to clone them via an SSH key, but I’d like to know if it’s possible (and recommended) to setup cloning via HTTPS as well.


If you add the submodules with the https url, they will be cloned from that url. Same with SSH. It’s entirely up to how your .gitmodules file looks

Cloning private submodules

Maybe I wasn’t clear - I was referring to private repositories that need authentication details in order to be fetched.