SSH problems when using a GitHub submodule in a BitBucket project


I’ve run across a problem checking out a submodule from GitHub in a BitBucket project. It seems like the issue is that the private key for SSH is in a non-standard filename, and it’s specified in the .ssh/config file under the host. I can manually add the deploy key to a project in GitHub, but it won’t work unless I add also add the same SSH config for

Is this workflow recommended supported? I’ve also found that I’m not able to use OS X builds on this project, even though we have an OS X plan and use it for GitHub projects.

I’m going to move the repo to github since it seems like it will be the most hassle-free solution - it looks like there’s definitely room for improvement of multi-host support at Circle


Thank you for your report, this is currently a known issue until Bitbucket is able to provide us an API to create user keys. Here is a workaround in the interim.


  1. Open Inspect Element in your browser’s developer tools.
  2. Click Create User Key
  3. Find the new public key generated in the Network tab.
  4. Go to your Bitbucket account and add it manually.

Let us know if this work around solves your problem, and feel free to reach out to