How to use circleci for linux, xcode, ... in one project?

Currently it looks like machine configuration is at the project level and unconditional, is there a way to make it conditional so one circle.yml can be used to test lets say linux and xcode.

Alternatively, maybe there can be support for multiple “circle.yml” files that can be specified in settings?


We do not currently support building on both OS X and Linux so there is no way to really do this.

If you would like to see this as a feature, please create a feature request.

With CircleCI 2.0 Beta, do you support build both OSX and Linux on one project now?

Hi Jessica,

This will be possible in the future, but right now 2.0 does not support MacOS builds.


Where can I sign up to find out when dual Linux/macOS builds are working in v2? We’ve got a cross platform electron build which needs to build on both and would prefer to go with you guys over Travis.

You can now run both Linux and iOS builds with a single push on CircleCI. If you are interested in trying it out please reach out at

We have launched macOS2.0. Below, please find the docs to migrate your project from 1.0 to 2.0.


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