Build matrix configuration for iOS projects



Our tests currently run on two different simulators (32 and 64-bit). Is it possible to:

  1. Configure circle.yml to run tests with these two configurations?
  2. Parallelize the build so the actual time taken to test for both configurations will be similar to testing on a single configuration?

Multiple YAML files for cross-platform projects and easier test matrix configuration

I’ve created a small utility, circleci-matrix, that might help you with your problem:

It allows you to define a build matrix similar to the way used by TravisCI. Parallelism is also supported out of the box (if enabled in the project settings).

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Thanks Michael! I’ve encountered this utility a few days ago. Do you know if it supports OSX images as well? AFAIK parallelism is not supported there.


Yes, it supports OSX. Parallelism should, if it becomes available for OSX machines, work out of the box too.