Multiple builds from the same branch


I’m looking at migrating a Jenkins setup into CircleCI. The codebase is configured and deployed as multiple different whitelabels, i.e. the same app with a couple of different assets changed like the header and footer. I set which config should be used with environment variables. My current Jenkins setup has a separate build for each whitelabel which (and here’s the kicker) all build off the same master branch which CircleCI doesn’t seem to currently support.

Is there a way I can get CircleCI to have multiple builds from the same branch? Each whitelabel build is exactly the same except for a couple of changed environment variables. Could I (ab)use some kind of build matrix to get this setup in Circle?


Circle doesn’t have a build matrix at this time, it’s on the feature request list. (feel free to :heart: it to show support)

Would this help you out in the meanwhile?


That looks good, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!