How to track build time or bundle size by time?

After some googling, I know that circleCi already provided the feature called Insights, which you can see build time by date.

I want to ask that does Insight support any customization, that we can configure our own dashboard, tracking data like bundle sized changes over time, or build time spent on specific build phase (e.g. frontend bundling)?

Thanks in advance.

HI Yukai. We don’t offer customization for Insights at this time. We do have a few feature requests in✓&query=insights and you can create a new one as well.

Most of the data come from the API, are you able to get the information you need from that?

Thank you drazisil. I want to upload our customized data fields, to be specific, the webpack bundle build time, and track it over time, inspect the time increase or decrease through each commit and PR on CI. Maybe it’s time to build our own wheel :joy:

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