How do you separate timing stats for jobs in the insights section?

When I first started using Circle I only used it to run tests (RSpec suite for Rails). The insights sections showed me the test-run speed and all was good.

However I’ve recently started using Workflows in anger to create a full CD setup. This means that while the only job that used to run was testing, now jobs are a blend of tests, deployments and other checks.

The insights page though only seems to show performance blended across all jobs. So I’m seeing my test-suite execution time being blended in with the time spent to deploy etc.


In the screenshot above you can see a huge (and artificial) drop in average job performance because jobs are now a blend of tests as well as deployments etc.

I’d really like to look at these things separately. Is that possible? So to see how the tests suite execution time is evolving separately to the deployment time.


Hi there. Insights hasn’t been updated much since we released 2.0 and Workflows, so it’s not currently able to do this.

We have feature request to allow you to sort by Job, is that what you are looking for?

If now, can you create a new feature request on that site explaining your use case so we can get it in front of the product team and others can vote on it?

Same feature - have just upvoted :+1:t2:

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