How to remove a repo from my repo list?



I forked the circleCI docs repo to make a PR and since then all builds of that repo show up when filtering by Mine in the repo list. I have deleted my fork but it still shows up. Can you tell me how I can remove from my repo list as I dont need the build info. Thx


Hi @doridori,

You can remove your repo by navigating to Project Settings by clicking on the gear icon that appears when you hover on your repo in the list. From there, you can click Unfollow to remove it from the list.



Thanks for the reply Frank. I think I may have done this previously, and now there is no gear icon to click. See SS below.


Sorry about that! I assumed you had access to project settings. You should be able to navigate to the Add Projects Page and click the unfollow button there.

If the circleci org isn’t in the list, you might find it at the top, under “Access Problems”:


Excellent! That was it - found it under access problems. Many thx