Unable to remove repo I'm no longer part of


I’ve been removed from a Github organization but it’s still present in My circle settings and is showing one Repo from that organization in my CircleCi account (the repo is public).

How can I remove that repo from my Circle CI account?

Removing project from github org I'm no longer a part of

I just encountered a similar issue.
Here is my solution:

  1. Create a new organisation with the same name.
  2. Create a new repo with the same name.
  3. Move to your dashboard in CircleCI.

Then, you can find the edit button next to the repo.
Jump to the edit page and click “Stop Building on CircleCI”.

That’s all. I hope it will help you.


Here’s a solution using the API:
curl -X POST "https://circleci.com/api/v1/project/YOUR_OLD_ORG/PROJECT/unfollow?circle-token=YOUR_PERSONAL_CIRCLE_TOKEN"

This will remove it from your CircleCi Account at least, dunno how it affects the old org