How to make a deploy on iOS with every push

I want to make a deploy of iOS app for every code push to certain branches on GitHub I defined this in yml file

    executor: main-executor
      - checkout
      - reveal_secret
      - decode_certificates
      - setup_provisioning_profiles
      - run:
          name: Build sign and deploy
          command: bundle exec fastlane allDevBuild

and in the workflows this

      - build-and-test
      - build-and-distribute:
            - build-and-test
                - feature/*
                - fix/*

but for every push only build-and-test is executed and not build-and-distribute.
on GitHub the action build-and-distribute is no available even when is shown in the config.yml file.

what happens if you remove the branch filters? do you get build-and-distribute to run?

what happens if you change the filters to say something like “- main”, do you get the job to run on/ pushes to your main branch?

nothing happens all branches push run build and test and merge run other task related to the merged branch.

and to confirm, build-and-test is “green” right? if you use “requires”, build-and-distribute will only run if the job that it “requires” is passing

correct build and test is green for each push but not build and distribute

can you send me a link to the job: and ill take a closer look? can you attach the config.yml too please

sent the Link and he config.ym file