How to get Xcode & Python on MacOSX instance

Im trying to run an macos instance with Xcode, however I’m using python scripts in the process.
Python is no longer installed on Mac OSX.

  1. How do I get Xcode and Python to co-exist on Circle CI?
  • Installing Brew is taking minutes but it may work eventually.
  1. I’ve tried using ORB’s but I’m getting this error:
[#/jobs/build] only 1 subschema matches out of 2
1. [#/jobs/build] 2 subschemas matched instead of one
|   Exactly one of the following schemas must match:
|     oneOf:
|     - required:
|       - docker
|     - required:
|       - machine
|     - required:
|       - macos

Here’s a snippet of my circle.yaml

version: 2.1
  python: circleci/python@2.0.3
    # Specify the Xcode version to use
      xcode: "13.4.1"
    working_directory: ~/work
    executor: python/default              
      - checkout
      - run:
          name: "Python version"
          command: |
            python --version

Hi, the issue here is you are defining two executors for the same job. If you are trying to test in a macos environment, then you do not need the “executor: python/default” line too. Our macos images come with Python 3 pre installed, details can be found in the software manifest for the image version you are using: Testing iOS Applications on macOS - CircleCI