Mac OS executor image?

Hi, I’m putting together a Mac CircleCI config for my codebase and I need a few dependencies (e.g. pyenv to install a particular Python version). It’s easy enough to add a run step to the CircleCI config that brew installs the packages I need, but it seems wasteful and costs 2-5 minutes every CircleCI build. For Linux builds, we can define our own Docker images which have dependencies preinstalled; is there something similar for Mac executors? Or are there other options for predefining an environment for builds, so that I don’t have to sit through this repetitive environment setup every time? Thanks.

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To your first question, no.

What may work is to cache the dependencies you need and then loading that cache during a build. I’d test that and compare the time it takes to load the cache vs the time a fresh install will take and see which works best for you.

Okay, I will look into that. Thanks

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