How to enable JIRA integration

I see that CircleCI says it has JIRA integration, but the Atlassian add-on page for CircleCI doesn’t provide a download and redirects back to the CircleCI integrations URL. Is JIRA integration actually available? If so, is there some documentation on how to enable it?

Thanks in advance.

The current JIRA integration is in beta. You can access JIRA integration by joining CircleCI’s beta program ( Once you have joined the beta program, you can navigate to project settings and add your JIRA credentials ( or bb)/(org-name)/(repo-name)/edit#jira-integration)

Thanks Kunal. I have joined CircleCI’s beta program and I now have a “JIRA Integration” option in project settings (see attachment). However, I am having a two part issue. I am unable to add my JIRA credentials as you mentioned, I am asked to download the CircleCI JIRA add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace (see attachments) and I cannot find that addon. It brings me to the addon page, but there is no way to download it. Can you provide a download link or advise if I am doing something incorrect?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kunal, just curious if you are able to assist me in getting access to the download link for that addon?

Thanks in advance.

@KunalJain any update on this? There does not appear to be an install button on the Atlassian Marketplace link for circleci

Sorry for the confusion. We actually rolled out JIRA connect integration which requires Atlassian marketplace approval. We are currently waiting for our plugin to get approved. I will update this thread as soon as we hear back from Atlassian.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Thanks Kunal.

Thank you so much for your patience.

CircleCI JIRA integration was approved by Atlassian. You can now install it from ‘https://(your_domain)’ and paste the key under your project settings.

Please let me know if it works for you.

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Thanks Kunal, I have the addon installed and the token added. However, where can I configure which JIRA project and user to update JIRA with? How do I can configure when to trigger an update to JIRA?

Thanks in advance.

Where can I configure which JIRA project and user to update JIRA with?

We use credentials of the user who enabled the JIRA integration. When the ticket is creation, you can select a project.

How do I can configure when to trigger an update to JIRA?

The current implementation only allows you to create issues manually.

Hope this helps.

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I have enabled the CircleCI integration with our JIRA cloud instance using JIRA Basic Authentication on my CircleCI project. I see the button to create a JIRA issue from my CircleCI build, the lists of projects and issue type dropdowns populate, I enter a issue summary and description but when I click “Create JIRA Issue” that button’s text turns to “Failed” and a story is not created.

Please advise.

Here is the error it throws:

Error: {“errorMessages”:[],“errors”:{“components”:“Component/s is required.”,“customfield_11800”:“Defect reported by is required.”,“customfield_11500”:“Defect found is required.”}} If we can help, contact us.

Hello @morganwalker,

If you’re still experiencing this issue could you please contact to help get this issue resolved?

Best, Zak

Thanks for the Answer.:slight_smile: