How do you setup Heroku commands when doing a 'normal' deployment?

I’m working with the Ubuntu 12.04 image and trying to do some custom heroku toolbelt calls as part of my deploy (this isn’t a straight Git push to Heroku). What I’m finding is although I have both an API key specified (and a Heroku SSH key available to me) I still need to login in order to use the heroku tool belt command I’m after (I’m trying to retrieve some environment variables from Heroku to push some files to our Redis db).

It looks like running any Heroku commands is going to require logging in with the Heroku toolbelt instead of having it auto-use the API key that I’ve specified. Is that correct? If so, how do the deploy steps listed here ( actually work?

As an example of what I’m trying to do, I’m hoping to see the below work:

    branch: master
      - heroku maintenance:on --app appname-dev
      - ember deploy production
      - heroku maintenance:off --app appname-dev


Hmm, this seems to be working fine as of today (it wasn’t a few weeks ago). Please consider this solved!