Multiple Heroku Keys?

Hi there,

I do work for two organizations, and they both have seperate heroku accounts. However I use the same Github account which is what I used to log into Circle with. I need to set a heroku key for one project, and another heroku key for another that I’m tracking but it looks like circle only allows you to have a single heroku key at a time. Is there a way to do multiples I am just missing?

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I need this as well. We have lots and lots of Heroku accounts that we manage. Only having one Heroku key per account completely kills this for us.

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So what is the status here? Are there any plans?

Hey CircleCI team - we really need this feature as well. We’ve got a bunch of projects that get deployed to a bunch of different Heroku accounts. If we can’t specify more than one API key from the CircleCI admin UI, can we at least somehow do this in our circle.yml files?

You can use private environment variables to store your key ( and then use the Heroku CLI.

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Hello @FelicianoTech,

I’m having the exact that same issue than op. Tried to play around with environment variables but didn’t succeed.
Do you have an example handy that would implement the flow you suggest?


Hello @beNjiox,

I don’t have an example handy, but if the key is stored in the environment, you should be able to pass it to the Heroku CLI inside a bash script or similar.