Heroku deployment with 2.0 - which one should we use?

The docs are still contradicting each other on how to do a Heroku deployment. Can someone please explain what the CircleCI recommended way is?

  1. https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/deployment-integrations/#heroku
    Looks good, but generates a heroku auth error
    remote: ! Do not authenticate with username and password using git.
    remote: ! Run heroku login to update your credentials, then retry the git command.

  2. Under app settings “Heroku Deployment” it has
    branch: master
    appname: foo-bar-123
    This was for 1.0 and should be ignored completely?

  3. Use a .circleci/setup_heroku.sh with manually configured ssh keys. This is the only working solution that I have been able to implement.
    Taken from https://gist.github.com/lauraturk/93742fd34101a0f15b988f3d3b27104d

Yes this is for 1.0 and should be ignored completely.

This looks like your remote branch is https instead of git. You should use git so that it does key authentication instead of password authentication. Can you give that a try? If that works, we should update the docs because this looks like a poor practice.

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