How do I install SWIG to run our Android builds?

Hey everyone,

I’m including a C library in our Android app.
We’re using Cmake to build the library, and SWIG to link the library for access in Java.

My issue is getting this branch to build in CircleCI…the error is SWIG is not installed / can’t be found.

Is there a way to install SWIG? Trying to install with brew in circle.yml didn’t work as brew was not found on the machine.

If anyone else has done something similar, is there a better approach than using SWIG?
Using C in Android is all new to me.


Hi Andre!

If you’re installing packages on the Android CircleCI images you should try installing with the apt tool instead of brew - they are Debian based machines so they will have apt available for package management.

Something like sudo apt install swig might work instead.

Hope that helps!