Can't install linuxbrew

I’m new to circle CI and I’m trying to run my appium automation tests on Android builded with Maven.
I need to install linuxbrew but get this error.

echo y | sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
==> This script will install:
==> The following new directories will be created:
==> /usr/bin/sudo /bin/mkdir -p /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew
==> /usr/bin/sudo /bin/chown :circleci /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew
==> /usr/bin/sudo /bin/mkdir -p /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/Cellar /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/Homebrew /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/etc /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/include /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/lib /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/opt /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/sbin /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share/zsh /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share/zsh/site-functions /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/var
==> /usr/bin/sudo /bin/chmod g+rwx /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/Cellar /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/Homebrew /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/etc /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/include /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/lib /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/opt /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/sbin /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share/zsh /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share/zsh/site-functions /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/var
==> /usr/bin/sudo /bin/chmod 755 /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share/zsh /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share/zsh/site-functions
-e:70:in `block in shell_s': undefined method `gsub' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
	from -e:70:in `map'
	from -e:70:in `shell_s'
	from -e:75:in `ohai'
	from -e:95:in `sudo'
	from -e:319:in `<main>'
Exited with code 1

My config is
version: 2
- image: circleci/android:api-26-alpha

       - run:
            name: Setup emulator
            command: sdkmanager "system-images;android-22;default;armeabi-v7a" && echo "no" | avdmanager create avd -n test -k "system-images;android-22;default;armeabi-v7a"
       - run:
            name: Launch emulator
            command: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${ANDROID_HOME}/emulator/lib64:${ANDROID_HOME}/emulator/lib64/qt/lib && emulator64-arm -avd test -noaudio -no-boot-anim -no-window -accel on
            background: true
       - checkout
       - run: echo y | sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
       - run: brew update
       - run: brew upgrade node
       - run: npm install -g npm
       - run: npm install -g appium
       - run: npm install wd
       - run: brew install maven
       - run:
            name: Start Appium
            command: appium --address --port 4723
            background : true
       - run: mvn test -DsuiteXmlFile="smoke.xml"

       - store_artifacts:
              path: target/surefire-reports
              destination: tr1
       - store_test_results:
              path: target/surefire-reports

Any help or advice?
Thanks a lot

There’s an error in there that could be web-searched, but I can’t copy and paste it because the logs are an image (read this). Would you remove the image and replace it with a formatted block of logs? Thanks!

Done. Thanks!

Both sections need code formatting. I suspect the first block is in shouty title format because of the rule-off below. To apply code formatting, select the block and click the </> icon, and then check it in the preview window.

/me greatly misses Stack Overflow editing powers…

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Done. Thanks

Not quite, but hey-ho - I can read it :smiley:

Possible similar question - do any of the solutions therein help at all?

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Hi halfer, thanks for your fast responses.
I didn’t find solution for this problem. I installed appium with another steps.
Thank you.

I found that Android emulator on circleCi2.0 works veryyyy veryyyyyy slow. Decided to move on circle1.0 where are x86 emulator maintenance.

Can you tell when CircleCI2.0 will maintain android x86 emulators?