Where is the android sdk?

I am trying to build an android app but I can’t find the android sdk anywhere and sdk commands will not work as if it is not installed.

It should be in /usr/local/android-sdk-linux but its not there. I set a step in the circle.yml to list the contents of /usr/local . This is what it showed:

As you can see there is not android-sdk-linux in there. the project settings will only let me choose between two different build environments, ubuntu 12 and 14. Neither have android-sdk-linux. This is kinda driving me nuts.

So I fixed my own problem. Turns out I set the project as a gradle project since I will be building it with gradle. If you do this the build container will not include the android sdk. The project type should be “other”.


My solution wasn’t perfect and could not work for my project. I finally found a perfect solution here:

Just make sure to set the android home as /opt/android/sdk . This is the current android sdk home but this may change