How do I cache brew install node?



It installs to /usr/local/Cellar/node but what other stuff does brew setup when it links?

Caching brew?

Please take a look at this doc regarding how cache works.

You cannot cache anything outside of your home directory so you will need to install this into your home folder if you want to keep it around in the cache.

Please note, that we do not officially support caching node like this on OS X containers. This is because unlike the Linux containers that run on AWS and have very quick access to S3, the cache is pulled down from S3 to the Mac Containers that run in a separate Data Center. Depending on the network that day this may be slower or faster than installing it via homebrew,


@levlaz I haven’t seen any documentation saying that you can only cache home folder. Here’s an example in Circle’s docs that shows the opposite is true:

Please advise, thanks.


Sorry for the confusion. You can only cache things that are owned by the circleci user (ubuntu on Linux and distiller on OS X).

Its simpler to work in the home directory since processes begin to break when you try to chown random things.