Github integration test payload doesn't trigger build in CircleCI



Hi All

I just added CircleCI web hook on my Github repo. I just triggering ‘test payload’ from GitHub which doesn’t trigger any build here on CircleCI. Where I went wrong? Could you guide mea?



I would not do any of that manually, and use the CircleCI UI to integrate with GitHub and “Follow” one of your projects, which will initiate your first build.


I can trigger build from CircleCI UI. But when I test Github CircleCI webhook it just says “Okay, the test payload is on its way.” but nothing is happening from CircleCI side.


Hello @siva-wal,

I understand your concern, but the best way to integrate with Github, which we support, is through the “Follow” feature.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Best, Zak