Github Default Branch Renames Not Picked Up

When renaming our default branch in GitHub our Circle checks against PRs continued to work but our checks after PR merge did not. Luckily in my prep research I had come across this previously raised issue and was able to remediateCircleCI doesn’t notice when github default branch is updated

Since many orgs use Github and are in the process of renaming their default branches, is this something that is on your radar to fix soon or document somewhere other than this forum?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

One of our employees recently added a support center article on this issue, including the steps mentioned in that Discuss post: VCS Default Branch Isn’t Reflected on CircleCI.

Thanks to your feedback, I updated the article to include which features might be affected (such as status checks)! Please let me know if there’s any additional information you think should be included!

Thank you again!

What do you find offensive, abusive, or in violation of the community guidelines?

This is valid user feedback from a frustrated human with questions that deserve answering

Hi @verdverm. You are definitely allowed to be frustrated, but we want to make sure that the feedback itself is highlighted and that we are respectful in language and tone. We have a code of conduct to make sure we all feel safe in this community asking questions and giving feedback.

If you could explain how you’d like the feature to work, or what the obstacles are on your side, we’re happy to hear it.

My censored post has describes alternative methods about how this could work, as questions about various details which could be used. In general, I expect this to be something your company could handle rather than putting the solution on the user.

I still do not know what about it was offensive or made this not a safe space…? Was it the work “weak” or that it highlights deficiencies in your platform?

Feel free to highlight deficiencies all you want, just be kind about it. It was flagged because the questions read aggressively. We really do appreciate your feedback on these processes.

Hi all,

As an update to this issue; we’ve pushed a fix to this issue. When you rename a default branch on GitHub, it will be reflected on CircleCI once you trigger a new build. This can be done by pushing a fresh commit.