Getting test timings without filenames

Is it possible to get test timings if no filename is specified in the JUnit XML file?


Here’s the command we use to parallelize our UI tests:
echo $ALLTESTNAMES | circleci tests run --command="xargs ./scripts/" --verbose --split-by=timings --timings-type=classname

And it’s generating the following:

No timing found for "UITests.UITestCaseClassName"

This is what it looks like in our JUnit XML:

  <testsuite name='UITests.UITestCaseClassName' tests='1' failures='0'>
    <testcase classname='UITests.UITestCaseClassName' name='testName' time='6.485'/>

And this is how we’re storing the results:

      path: /Users/distiller/project/output/scan


Archiving the following test results
  * /Users/distiller/project/output/scan/report.junit

Total size uploaded: 1.5 KiB

I know the results are getting picked up because test failures show up in our test tab.

The documentation says:

The file attribute, either on the <testsuite> or <testcase> tag

We don’t have this, but since we’re matching on classname, is it really necessary?