FYI - Small DLC Update - No Action Required

Hi! I’m a product manager here at CircleCI. I wanted to provide a small FYI for transparency’s sake, no action required. CircleCI is commencing the roll-out out of a new implementation of how the Docker Layer Caching (DLC) feature works “under the hood”. Users should see minimal impact.

If you see any anomalies with how your jobs that enable DLC are executing, please file a support ticket immediately and do not hesitate to comment on this thread below.

@sebastian-lerner None of our jobs seem to be using DLC. I am using a linux virtual machine executor, docker layer caching is enabled, and I can see that the same volume is being used for each job as per I am using the aws-ecr orb, aws-ecr/build-and-push-image job to build the image. However, nothing in the build step is cached and no time is saved.

This is the first time we’ve used docker layer caching so it’s possible we have it setup wrong.


The new implementation I mentioned above was not rolled out in early July.

The rollout is commencing now. Based on internal testing, the majority of jobs should see no negative impact. If you are having issues with DLC, please comment on this thread and open a support ticket via