FIPS-Enabled Ubuntu Machine Executor

We would like to use Ubuntu machine executors with FIPS enabled at the kernel level. This is needed because we have some tests that need to be run on Circleci and these tests can only be run on FIPS-enabled Kernel.

The best way to do this would be to use the Self-Hosted runner. This would allow you to perform your CircleCI based processes on systems you own/control that meet the FIPS requirements.

CircleCI runs its systems on top of services from vendors such as Amazon and I think Google. In these environments, they run their builds of Ubuntu that have been packaged to meet the needs of CircleCI and the CI processes to be executed. This configuration and distribution work would not be possible for a general FIPS-compliant executor as they would have to start with the Ubuntu-provided FIPS-certificated image. Any alteration to the image done by a third party (such as CircleCI) would then require that the image be re-certificated before you could use it.