Find First Pipeline where Job Started Failing

Most of the time we keep all our tests passing. But sometimes, things get messy in development, and our trunk branch has broken tests for a while.

With the current CircleCI UI, it is actually quite challenging to manually bisect to find the first pipeline (commit to trunk) where a particular job (test) started failing. One needs to keep a tab open with all the pipeline history for that branch, open new tabs into the workflows, and then check the jobs.

Would be amazing to be able to get a longitudinal view of a particular job’s pass/fail status along the branch. Then the first failing commit would just jump out at me.

I tried to get this via the API v2, but I got stuck after obtaining the workflow. I do not see any way on the API to get all jobs for a specific workflow so that I can drill down and see job success/failure. There is some statistics in the insights API, but I don’t really get a time-series, just some metrics with total failed runs etc.

Any tips on finding that first PR which broke one of our many test jobs?

I’m nowhere near using the API to that level but how about

Pipeline / get a list of pipelines
Pipeline / get a pipeline’s workflows

Workflow / get a workflow’s jobs

Job (preview) / get job details

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