Failed Deployment job

My deployment job starts failing all of a sudden. The error message is:

The repository ' stretch Release' does no longer have a Release file.

I have seen a similiar discussion where the use of the convenience image helped. However, that does not solve my problem, as I already use it. A section of my config file is shown:

            - image: cimg/python:3.8.4

It is not clear from the detail you have posted where the error is being thrown, within your code or within the code that CircleCI has provided. To work that out you will need to post more of your config.yml flie.

The background is that Debian “stretch” is Debian 9 and is very much EOL, with security updates having stopped back in mid-2022 for the LTS version.

As part of the clear-down process the repo was archived a few months ago as detailed here

The change may have taken some time to affect the mirror being used by your config/CircleCI.

rit1010 is correct in that that version of Debian is EOL and shouldn’t be used.

As for the Docker image, CircleCI Convenience Images use Ubuntu as the operating system. So either you have a different job using a different image, or something in this job is injecting the Debian repository because the image doesn’t come with it.