Error: Project Not Found

I am receiving an “Error: Project Not Found” message on a number of pages for my project. It is preventing me from:

  • Assigning environment variables to the project
  • Triggering a build from the Test Commands tab
  • Rebuilding, and rebuilding with SSH enabled from a build results page

Builds triggered by a git push work normally and detect my circle.yml file, but failed builds cannot be retried.

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I’m getting this too. Were you able to resolve it? I’m trying to turn off OSX support for a repo that is only meant to build on Linux.

Oddly enough, the problem resolved itself about 48 hours later. I’m not sure if it was something Circle did on their side, but I hadn’t done anything that might have fixed it.

Strange. I just retried setting the option again in my project, and, like you, it worked. Seems like there’s something transient somewhere that kept things from working properly the first time.

Thanks for sharing your experience!