Does the new Network/Storage limit apply to open source projects?

I build a number of node.js open source projects, and if you know anything about node, it’s that node_modules are friggin’ HUGE - I’m talking 200-500MB per project.

That is why it’s so helpful to cache them, and indeed, it is the standard in node-land to do so.

However, I see that the network and storage limits are going to be enforced come January. The current limits are actually laughable in how unrealistic it is (if there’s anyone from product team reading this, the cap either needs to be increased significantly OR you must provide a way for users to handle that bandwidth & storage themselves, doubly so if they’re already self hosting the runners!), and it is clear that my open source projects are going to go over the limits.

The question is, does that limit apply to OSS projects as well, or are they exempt from it?