Does the CircleCi web app when used under Free plan support SSO integration?

We are using CircleCI Webapp for one of our github projects. Our intention is to integrate with our Internal SSO. How do we do the same.
Any help would be appreciated.

The basic answer to this is going to be no as CircleCI integrates with the Auth systems of Bitbucket and GitHub so that it presents information based on the access granted to repos held by those services. It can also use a direct Login, but I’m not sure how that then works with the external repos.

The more complicated answer is what level of integration and what toolset are you using. You may be able to set up integrated account management for password management at your chosen email system or repo platform and you may have tools available to control the browser, but these are just placing a wrapper around the environment, rather than integrating with it.

If you are doing google searches on the subject you may come across entries that detail LDAP integration, but these are for older versions of the on-premise version of the CircleCI platform.

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