Docker not started for a react native project

Hi All,
I am newbie on circle ci trying to deploy the react native project i created the config.yml for recat native project then run circleci build command but i got the following error :-

Downloading latest CircleCI build agent…
Docker image digest: sha256:3d88cfffd448da07ff8ced22ccdca5adc09ff18e87dc7db9b8af5b8a47647c08
Error: failed to execute docker: not supported by windows

Note:- I have already installed docker for windows and tried the following commands in other command prompt docker --version (worked) so docker is properly installed on my windows machine.

Are you using the circleci command locally? I’ve always suspected that only works on Linux.

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@halfer thank you so much I think your write.I installed circleci from the documentation for windows but when I tired the command circleci on command prompt it throws an error command not found.So we cannot execute the command in windows if not can you guide me on Linux.

Install a virtual machine e.g. Ubuntu on VirtualBox. From there, follow the CircleCI documentation. If you get stuck, let us know what you are stuck on in particular.

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