Docker Convenience Image Updates: February 2020

Hey Everyone!

Apologies for the late update this month. There’s not much to report on images this month except that the Next-gen Go image and our new base image have been promoted from beta to stable.

January’s Changes:


  • Base (cimg/base) - Docker Compose updated to v1.25.2. (ref)
  • Base (cimg/base) - Docker Compose updated to v1.25.3. (ref)


  • Go (cimg/go) - added GoTestSum. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - published Go v1.12.16. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - published Go v1.13.7. (ref)

If you have any questions, please let us know here.


Just curious, is a new version of the Go orb being created to use the new cimg/go Docker image?

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Yes there is. I’ll get back to you here when it’s available. Aiming for next week. Great question.

@davejoyce Just wanted to provide an update. The updated Go orb is almost done but won’t be ready by today. It’ll likely be published Monday or Tuesday.

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The Go orb v1.0.0 was released yesterday.