Django project migrating to CircleCI 2.0 - explicitly add project to Python path

I’m unsure how to set the PYTHONPATH correctly in CircleCI 2.0 to allow the build to run. This is a Django project that was previously building on CircleCI 1.0 successfully so I’ve started by using the auto generated config.yml file.

version: 2
          working_directory: ~/mygithubname/myproject
          parallelism: 1
          shell: /bin/bash --login

  CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS: /tmp/circleci-artifacts
  CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS: /tmp/circleci-test-results
  DATABASE_URL: 'sqlite://:memory:'
  DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE: ocdaction.settings.test
  DEBUG: 0
  PYTHONPATH: ${HOME}/myproject/myproject

- image: circleci/build-image:ubuntu-14.04-XXL-upstart-1189-5614f37
  command: /sbin/init

- checkout


- restore_cache:
    # This branch if available
    - v1-dep-{{ .Branch }}-
    # Default branch if not
    - v1-dep-master-
    # Any branch if there are none on the default branch - this should be unnecessary if you have your default branch configured correctly
    - v1-dep-
- run: pip install -r requirements/testing.txt

- save_cache:
    key: v1-dep-{{ .Branch }}-{{ epoch }}
    # This is a broad list of cache paths to include many possible development environments
    # You can probably delete some of these entries
    - vendor/bundle
    - ~/virtualenvs
    - ~/.m2
    - ~/.ivy2
    - ~/.bundle
    - ~/.go_workspace
    - ~/.gradle
    - ~/.cache/bower

- run: pytest

- store_test_results:
    path: /tmp/circleci-test-results

- store_artifacts:
    path: /tmp/circleci-artifacts
- store_artifacts:
    path: /tmp/circleci-test-results

the run: pytest command is failing in CircleCI with the error stating pytest-django could not find a Django project (no file could be found). You must explicitly add your Django project to the Python path to have it picked up. I know what the error means but not sure how to fix in version 2 (it works when building on version 1), and I’m struggling to find anything in the documents.

Can anyone help please?

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