Disable `[ci skip]` for specific branches?

I’m using Github’s merge queues with CircleCI. CircleCI has the [ci skip]/[skip ci] feature that allows a user to skip CI checks for a specific commit. This is fine for pull requests, but it’s very problematic when using merge queues (or simply running CI checks when that PR merges into main).

Specifically, CircleCI checks whether [ci skip]/[skip ci] exists anywhere in the commit message. When you merge a PR into a queue/main, the commits are squashed and then merged. Therefore, [ci skip]/[skip ci] exists for that commit (in the squashed commit message), but it was not intended for that commit. This causes CI to skip the entire workflow when it shouldn’t.

It would be great to be able to disable [ci skip]/[skip ci] for specific branches, maybe even tie it in with the branch overrides setting?