Deploy to custom server hangs due to inability to SSH in

HI everyone,

I was trying to quickly set up a deploy to a custom server, added the user’s private SSH key to the build, but the user still can’t SSH into the prod machine. Any changes there that happened lately that I might be missing?


What is the exact error you are getting?

Build is timing out, as password is required for ssh in. This is basically it.

If you SSH into the build, and then run the deploy command manually, does it work? Also, did you push a new commit after setting the private SSH key?

Yes, I did push, the deploy hangs due to the inability of the circle user to SSH into the production machine. If I ssh into the machine and run the deploy script manually, same thing happens.

I also see this in the Start container section

Installing ssh keys
Identity added: /home/ubuntu/.ssh/id_e6096fc25d178b7a0ce6860f965e7ff2 (/home/ubuntu/.ssh/id_e6096fc25d178b7a0ce6860f965e7ff2)
fatal: No such section!
fatal: No such section!

Not sure if this means anything, I’m guessing fatal is usually not good.

The fatal error message can safely be ignored - it’s just noise, we have an open ticket to get it suppressed.

For SSH deploy issues, just to clarify that you’ve added the correct keys under Project settings > SSH permissions

The best way to debug the SSH issue is to SSH into the machine and make sure the relevant private key has been added to the authorized_keys file. Then run the deploy command manually with verbose output to see what the issue is.